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Car Dealership Jobs

Car Dealership Jobs

New & Used-Car Dealership Jobs

There are around 20,000 new-car dealerships operating all across the United States, not to mention lots more specializing in used vehicles. Just the retail section alone of the auto industry offers countless opportunities for job seekers, with many areas within to find employment. Around 80% of Americans over the age of 16 drive on a daily basis. Every year there are literally millions of consumers in the market looking to purchase a vehicle which translates into the widespread availability for car dealership jobs. On average, each car dealership in the USA employs around 50 associates and regularly hire new workers to maintain effective service and staff. Depending on the job position and job titles, workers and employees perform a range of jobs from entry-level to managerial and supervisory responsibilities.

Showroom & Sales Positions

The primary focus of showroom and sales related positions are to make sales. Car dealerships are constantly looking for talented sales associates for the responsibility of persuading and helping potential customers to make purchase descisions. Most sales or showroom level employees have very specialized knowledge in order to showcase features, specifications, financing and other granular details of available cars and packages. Many dealerships offer complete training for positions such as these and sometimes hire candidates without any previous sales experience. This is a fast-paced and demanding area of the industry as it requires workers to handle pressure from potential clients to meet sales goals and quotas. Sales associates usually make around $20/hour as a fixed pay rate, along with sales commissions.

Maintenance and Management Positions

Besides concentrating on the sale of automobiles, many car dealerships boast onsite garages dedicated to servicing inventories of used vehicles as well as fulfilling the maintenance and repair needs of customers. Staffed by mechanics and technicians, dealership garages typically feature noisy work environments and require job seekers to possess prior knowledge or experience related to fixing cars. Dealership technicians and mechanics should expect to make between $18.00 and $20.00 an hour. In addition to hourly positions available in garages and showrooms, car dealership jobs include careers in management, which involve supervising sales and maintenance workers as well as handling the financial affairs of the business. The median salary options for dealership managers falls around $50,000 per year and typically increases with experience and advancement.

The State of the Auto Retail Industry

Generally on the rise since the beginning of 2010, the number of car dealership employees in the United States rests at roughly 1.16 million and stands poised to increase as the auto retail industry continues to add new jobs. In 2013, for instance, American car dealerships combined to create 42,000 new jobs over the course of the year and into the first couple months of 2014. The increased number of car dealership jobs directly correlates with a documented surge in auto sales, as consumers continue purchasing vehicles at levels not seen since the 1970s. Between 2010 and 2012, car sales increased by 10 percent or more each year, with industry insiders predicting the upward trend to carry on into the near future. As consumers continue to purchase over 14 million new automobiles each year and operate roughly 250 million vehicles in total, car dealership jobs remain widely available across the country.

Popular Car Dealership Job Descriptions


– In general, sales personnel sell cars satisfying both customer expectations and dealership gross profit standards. Salespeople need to build genuine, trusting relationships with customers by providing accurate information on vehicles and answering questions. Customer-centric jobs, salesperson positions involve listening to customers to best understand wants and needs. The job frequently includes walking customers around show lots to shows off cars in inventory. If a customer shows interest in a car, the salesperson offers to go for a test drive to better evaluate the car. Updated knowledge of inventory, the features and accessories in vehicles, and the automotive industry in general benefit candidates greatly. At many dealerships, salespersons work strictly off of commissions. Annual salary options depend entirely on sales numbers. Generally, commission-based salary options yield between $35,000 and $45,000 annually.

Internet Sales

– Internet salespeople interact with customers via online message and email to bring provide detailed information about services and close on transactions. Web-based sales people often provide links to helpful online resources as well as provide personal suggestions when assisting with vehicle selection. In addition to providing sales assistance, internet salespeople may maintain online assets, like adding photos of new cars and coordinating online promotions with other offers. Internet salespeople may earn hourly pay or annual salary options. Hourly workers often work part-time and make between $8.00 and $10.00 hourly. Full-time salaried associates tend to make between $30,000 and $40,000 each year.

Sales Manager

– Through leadership and management of sales teams, sales managers ensure dealerships meet sales goals. Sales-focused and number-driven, sales managers set forecasts for sales teams and monitor progress daily, weekly, and monthly. When needed, sales managers provide coaching and assistance to help sales teams succeed. Sales managers also take responsibility for hiring and training effective salesman. In charge of optimizing customer choices, sales manager continuously monitor and update inventory information. Most sales manager positions require some management or sales experience in order to earn hiring consideration. Working full-time, sales managers earn about $70,000 annually.